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Alert! Your Data Could be at Risk

data security, data risk, hacking, data

Big Data is big; it is a conglomeration of massive volumes of data from multiple disparate sources, devices, and applications. But this very nature makes it prone to security threats. The constant cycle of sending and receiving data is a window for attacks…


Why Self-Service Data Integration is on the Rise


Data Transformation Influencing Business Strategy In the war of enterprises where data is the weapon of choice for all, data providers are taking heavy hits as the winds of change shifts to self-service data optimization. With the increasing importance of data access and…


Real-time Data Processing with Mobile Data Analytics


Whether it is checking work emails during leisure hours or browsing social networking sites during work hours, the line between work and play is becoming increasingly blurred as people reach out for their mobiles for every conceivable use. The table below gives a…


AI Powered Businesses of the Future

AI, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data

Gartner Inc.’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2016 mentions Artificial Intelligence (AI) or “perceptual smart machine age” as one of the three dominant technology trends in the rapidly changing digital business landscape. AI is not a new concept; older variants of task automation and…