Following from our earlier article, “8 Steps to Big Data Success,” here is a look at five major enterprises which successfully planned and executed their big data initiatives.  These organizations have dedicated their time to improving process efficiencies and customer experience with big data, paving the way for a future where analyzing and extracting valuable business insights from large volumes of data is the norm, not an exception.

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CSC – CSC’s digital marketing ecosystem comprising over 50 tools, lacked the benefit of a comprehensive, unified view to measure the impact and successes of their marketing campaigns. The company set out to design and implement a flexible big data platform that could be updated with changing market trends. The resulting data warehouse platform, created within time and at reduced cost, using open-source tools on Amazon Web Services, generated a 360-degree view of user data by analyzing a variety of data sources. Read the full article here.

Telstra – Telstra recently built a big data facility, described by its CTO Vish Nandlall as “one of the largest Hadoop infrastructures in Australia.” One of the biggest big data success stories till date, Telstra undertook to boost its operations and processes with a Predictive analytics project that uses real-time operational data to predict and prevent network issues before they occur as well as reduce response time in case of such incidents. According to the CTO team in charge of the project, the deployment was complex and required “scale-out compute and storage, data modelling, pattern matching, complex event processing, machine event and log indexing and search, and multidimensional analysis databases.” Read the full article here.

Avis Budget Group – Emerging from the US recession of 2008-2009, Avis Budget Group, a famous global vehicle rental services company decided to mine their customer data to move with the times and expand their business from the derived insights. Taking the help of a big data team from CSC, they decided on a CRM-focused big data solution that would not only add value and enhance customer experience but also effectively meet service expectations. The goal was to integrate their huge volumes of transaction data and the unstructured data from various online and on premise channels and sources. The resulting solution became a differentiating factor between Avis and its competitors; it was well-liked by the customers, driving loyalty and improving overall business profitability. Avis’s revenue jumped by $200 million. Read the full article here.

Cytolon AG – A big data success story in the healthcare segment, CordMatch (designed by CSC) is a customizable, internet-based big data search platform that uses relationship graph database to match cancer patients to cord-blood donors for stem cell treatments. It is a classic example of complex big data computing, using unique matching algorithm, integrated with Neo4j, an enterprise-level graph database. CordMatch enables active and seamless communications between blood banks, transplant centers and registries to quickly find cord-blood matches for patients requiring stem cell transplants. Read the full article here.

The Weather Company – Using Big data to improving financial performance is the focus of a recent partnership between The Weather Company and IBM. Using data collected from more than 100,000 weather sensors and aircraft, millions of smartphones, building and mobile vehicles and combined with other data sources, the two companies aimed to generate 2.2 billion unique forecast points and an average of over 10 billion forecasts on any given active weather day. The resulting insights could help to optimize the risks and the impact of weather on the economy. Read the full article here.

An analysis of these success stories highlights 3 key points for any big data project to succeed:

  • Stick to timelines
  • Do not exceed budget
  • Promise only the possibilities and deliver on it

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