Simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective, three words that sum up why companies are moving to the cloud. SMBs are no different; according to a survey by B2B research firm, “Nearly 95% of small to medium businesses say they either already use a cloud hosting service or plan to transition to it as web hosting providers aren’t hitting the mark.”

With business pressures mounting in the real-world, SMBs are faced with a choice – either make the move to remain relevant or drop out of the game by sticking to traditional applications and infrastructure. Most SMBs are taken by the real benefits of scalability, business flexibility and agility offered by the move. The cloud ecosystem today is greatly matured, there is something for all businesses, no matter the size. Coupled with technological innovations these have been the driving factors behind the surging pace of cloud adoption by SMBs who are looking to leverage it for increasing ROI and fuelling business growth.

This point has been especially highlighted in a recent article by Forbes which pointed out that “78 percent of US small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020.” Already 18 percent of small businesses using cloud are using a hybrid cloud. For SMBs, it not only redefines IT economics, fuels innovation and brings agility and business resiliency to the table, it eases the real-world business pressures as evident in the infographic below.

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source: Techaisle

CyByte’s Cloud Solutions

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