Brief Description: Businesses are increasingly realizing the potential of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) generated data in fueling business growth and transformation.

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From LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to Youtube, Google+, Pintrest, Slideshare and even Instagram, big brands are looking to grow and reach out to new customers through new channels of interaction and communication on the cloud, through social media platforms and mobile devices. An increasing number of businesses are using social data sentiment analysis, a form of big data where behavioral information and patterns information is extracted from various social media platforms, to remain on top of the latest market and buyer trends.

The four pillars of social data

Harnessing social, mobile, analytics and cloud data improves collaboration and communication across the enterprise and with customers. By analyzing the insights mined from it, businesses can work towards new opportunities and customer satisfaction. As such, social data is a collection of four main ecosystems, collectively known as the four pillars of social data, they are defined below:

  1. Social – The increasing adoption of Social has led to a data revolution of sorts. More and more people are taking to social channel to vocalize their views and opinions. Enterprises must not only strengthen their overall presence on every social media channel but also focus on the customer insights mined from these channels.
  2. Mobile – With the rise of mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things), people are bringing mobility not only to their businesses but also in day to day tasks. By identifying the mobile devices used by potential customer, enterprises can pitch their products and services to a wider audience.
  3. Analytics – Data, in a company, comes from a number of disparate sources, from social media to data warehouses. Connecting these homogenous data sets provides comprehensive analytics and insights to track customer patterns, statistics and future forecasts.
  4. Cloud – On-premise and legacy storage is old school; cloud is the new storehouse for the massive amounts of data, including social data being generated in a company. It is limitless; thereby allowing enterprises to generate and share insights across organization and act instantly on real-time metrics.

Business Growth with SMAC data

Consolidating data from numerous channels and platforms provides a single unified view of customer, campaign and strategic data and analytics. Customer-focused enterprises are redefining their social media and digital landscape to achieve dramatic growth in business. By harnessing the power of SMAC data, enterprises are able to:

  • Identifying sequences and patterns related to customer behaviour
  • Access to in-depth customer insights
  • Actionable analytics leading to quick results
  • Advertise their products and services to gain new customers
  • Customize their offerings to suit their customers’ demands
  • Engage in long-term relationship building
  • Gain deep insights to add value to existing customers

Since it is relatively easy to access and analyze social data from Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud ecosystems, enterprises are quick to align their business to the insights gained from these channels. SMAC has emerged as one of the most influential business technologies in the evolution of IT and is reshaping the business model for most enterprises.


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