With the massive span of data expanding its reach on social media platforms day-by-day, the possibilities to mine the data and explore opportunities is becoming more and more essential for many organizations today. Be it the rise of Internet-of-Technologies or effective use of Mobility, the data being churned out every minute often lies unused in cloud data silos.

But how should you approach the data question? Is there an example that one could follow? Do organizations have the right expertise to analyse the sphere of Social Data? Is there a way to benefit from Social Data?

So what is Social Data?

Social is a form of Big Data where the data is accumulated from multiple social media platforms. With enhanced technologies, it is now possible to integrate the large pools of data from your data silos into one logical system.

Okay, what are the benefits?

Having all your social data into one consolidated system helps you:

  • Identify patterns related to customer behavior
  • Access and analyse various customer insights
  • Take action based and view the resultant effect sooner than earlier

Is it for me?

If you are an organization who focuses on customers and their social media landscape then yes harnessing social data is the thing for you. Even if you are loosely connected to the customer via social media, this simple integration throws up insights that you could have never visualized for your customer.

Sooner or later, organizations will have to use social data. While technology makes it comparatively easy for social data integration to be implemented; having the data for use at the right time makes it more effective. By harnessing social data correctly, every organization can enhance their customer satisfaction and also make way to acquire new customers.

What is your view on harnessing social data? Share your views in comments below.

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