One of the key foundations for businesses to succeed in 2016 is to make the most of their SMAC i.e. Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Data. So how does SMAC make an impact on one’s core business? Let’s focus on each of the four pillars that create the base of this data revolution:

1. Social – Social Media and its adoption is increasing enormously since the last decade. More and more of our customers are now online and vocal about their views and opinions on social media. While the key is to be available on every channel and to be accessible to your customer, one should also strategize and focus on customer insights that the channels provide.

2. Mobile – With the onslaught of mobile devices and IoT; more and more people are increasingly using mobile devices not just for business but even for their day to day tasks. By recognizing the mobile devices that your potential customers use, you can project your business to a wider audience whilst not deviating from the main business line.

3. Analytics – With all the data being generated not just from Social and mobile platforms but also from the individual data silos internally; with combined analytics one can track customer patterns, view various combinations of statistics and focus on new insights that the data will throw.

4. Cloud – When we talk about data here and the analytics and the entire hullabaloo; the ideal space required to have the data live and kicking is the cloud. Limitless space allows organizations to generate and share insights across the globe and react in real time.


Seeing the rate at which technology is speeding up day-by-day; utilizing SMAC Data will enable improved collaboration and effective communication to connect with your customers. When your customers are happy, you can focus on more customers and thereby lead the way towards higher customer acquisition.

What is your take on enabling SMAC for your organization? Share your views in the comments below.