Is social media marketing just a hype, or is it really a powerful digital marketing tool for SMBs? In a survey held by Techaisle, the following facts emerged:

  1. 27% SMBs have seen an increase in customers due to social media
  2. 45% SMBs will increase the usage of social media
  3. 23% say that social media enables them to cost-effectively interact and network with customers and peers

This paints a simple picture – social media is increasingly gaining importance in SMB circles for its digital marketing potential and the power to quickly and effectively reach out to a large number of people in a short time.

From sentiment analysis to outreach marketing, SMBs are taking innovative approaches to promote themselves and carve out a niche in an increasingly crowded market. The advent of big data has been an added boon. It allows companies to gather, process and analyse larger volumes of data that would have been possible with traditional marketing methods, thus generating critical, often real-time insights for strategic decision making.

The numbers are a proof of the fact that SMBs are adopting modern marketing techniques and methods, not only to reach out to their customer and prospects, but also to gather information, network and increase brand awareness and visibility. In fact, 47% of those surveyed actively use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to respond to customer queries and concerns. Another 37% use these platforms along with others like Instagram, WhatsApp, Pintrest and YouTube to promote their business.

This trend has led to an increase in the budgets for social media and digital marketing, but at times, it is offset by a shortage of skills or a lack on in-depth understanding. The survey below is aimed at providing a broad look at some of the current digital and social media marketing facts. It is especially helpful for SMBs looking for reasons to use social media for digital marketing purposes:

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