Mobility is one of the key drivers for revolutionary changes in how SMBs run their business. A number of SMB surveys bear witness to the fact that mobility has had a greater impact on small businesses in recent years, encouraging and driving business performance transformations.

According to recent surveys by the SMB Group, “Year-over-year, median spending on mobile solutions as a percentage of total technology spending has risen 10% year among very small businesses, and 7% among small businesses.” Another survey points to an interesting result, “55% of small and 65% of medium businesses view mobile solutions as critical to their businesses.”


SMB Mobility Adoption Key Drivers

Given the current environment of digitalization, small businesses are increasingly turning to mobile solutions to expand their reach and customer base. More and more SMB are increasing their mobility investments to expand and solidify their mobile infrastructure. According to a survey by Techaisle, these investments are broadly divided into three areas: a) Mobility devices used by the company, b) Enterprise and other mobile applications and c) Mobility solutions including security, management, and infrastructure. The following points by the SMB Group highlights some of the key drivers, and future trends related to SMB Mobility Adoption: (Source: SMB Group)

  1. “84% of small and 87% of medium businesses view mobile apps as complementary to traditional business applications
  2. Adoption of mobile business apps jumped 9% in small and 5% in medium business from 2013 to 2014.
  3. SMBs are rapidly adopting customer-facing mobile websites and apps
SMB Mobility Adoption Challenges

However, the report also highlights some of the major challenges which are holding most SMBs back from discarding traditional applications and transitioning entirely to mobile applications. These challenges include:

  • Concerns about application security
  • Costs related to development and deployment of mobile apps
  • Inability to gain and manage mobile assets in relation to the pace of adoption
  • Uncertainty in the absence of strong business cases

From a business perspective, it is easy to see that most small and medium businesses have realized the potential of a powerful mobile strategy, but lack the direction to manage and successfully implement it. The following survey by Techaisle highlights the 5 key trends SMB mobility adoption and trends:


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