The growing demand from enterprises has been driving the growth of data. Recent surveys point to an exponential growth in volume and size in the coming years. Most of those surveyed agree that it can improve their competitive advantage, change business outcomes, and revolutionize business operations. The hottest ‘commodity’ in the IT market today, big data generates actionable insights useful in determining and predicting the rate of profitability and growth.

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With more companies looking to implement a data-driven strategy, the market has been flooded with tools and technological innovations to extract, organize and analyze crucial data assets. The most popular of these are the ones which can be customized to fit any requirement. Here are some of the top tools for BI, Data Integration, Analytics, Programming, etc (this is not an exhaustive list):

Programming Languages, and Tools
  • Python – programming language
  • Mahout – Machine learning programming language
  • Skytree – Machine learning programming language
  • Lingual
  • Pattern
  • Impala by Cloudera
  • R – MVP – statistical tools
  • Storm – Stream processing by Twitter
  • LucidWorks – Search, based on Apache Solr
  • Giraph – Graph processing by Facebook


BI, Data Integration, and Analytics
  • Talend
  • Pentaho
  • ODI by Oracle
  • MS BI by Microsoft
  • Cognos by IBM
  • Tableau
  • Jaspersoft by Tibco
  • Spotfire by Tibco


Sql Databases
  • MySql by Oracle
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • TokuDB


NoSql database
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Hbase


In conclusion, it is evident that data is the driving force behind the IT transformation that is taking place. It has become a powerful metric for measuring business performance and outcome for most enterprises, big and small.